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The Burlington Herb Clinic is an herbalist-owned cooperative practice.


Our staff of professionally trained herbalists offer one-on-one consultations in a private setting.

When you see an herbalist, you will be met with compassionate, personalized care in your initial two-hour intake.

Herbalists work with you to provide accurate and insightful information on both traditional and modern evidence-based approaches to health and wellness that fit with your lifestyle.

Our goal is to make you feel heard and supported in your health journey.

"Guido is a superb healer on my levels. His 'bedside manner' puts one at ease immediately and his recommendations are carefully explained so one understands the medicine it truly is.. thank you Guido!"  - Marie Frohlich

"I really appreciate working with Nick for herbal therapy. He was clearly thoughtful and thorough to my individual situation and concerns. He took time to speak with me and evaluate my situation. I did not feel embarrassed speaking about sensitive health issues with him, his compassion shines through. Through his herbal therapy I found resolution of my menstrual cramps and I am extremely grateful." - S.C

"Always good with Kate's guidance."  - Gail Ernevad

Herbalists at BHC

Nick Cavanaugh

Nick Cavanaugh believes that nature is full of remedies for helping people with their ailments both large and small. As a clinical herbalist, he is very excited to introduce people to those things in nature that can improve their well-being, including herbs and foods. He also helps people with healthy lifestyle practices including exercise and meditation.


Nick works with:

  • young adults who are seeking ways to manage stress and lessen anxiety or depression

  • those experiencing digestive difficulties who want to find relief and enjoy their meals

  • people with a Lyme diagnosis who are seeking complementary care to restore vitality

  • adults or children with developmental disabilities who want to manage stress and feel more comfortable in their bodies

  • just about anyone looking for general health advice, or advice on acute or chronic issues, simple and complex


Nick’s education includes completing a three-year clinical herbalist training program at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism (VCIH) in Montpelier, VT, internships with Tryon Life Community Farm and Herb Pharm, and a Community Herbalism Intensive with the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine.

Katherine Elmer

Katherine Elmer grew up in the green hills of Central Vermont and revels in the opportunity to connect with clients around a shared love of place and nature through whole foods nutrition and herbal medicine via her clinical work at the Burlington Herb Clinic and her community education efforts at Spoonful Herbals ( Although Katherine welcomes clients of all genders, she specializes in supporting clients who identify as women to access their highest potential and quality of life through their healing journey.  She has supported many clients to enhance their vitality and bring relief from digestive health concerns, allergies and autoimmune conditions, healing post-injury or surgery, and energy/sleep issues. Katherine teaches Herbal Medicine and advises the Student Herbalism Club at the University of Vermont.  She also participates in the UVM Medical Center's Integrative Health Program (  In addition to her efforts as a clinically-trained Community Herbalist, she is a childbirth mentor (Birthing from Within), and a mom to her 9 year old son, Liam, and a labradoodle named Maatje. Katherine is a graduate of Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism’s Three Year Clinical Training Program.

Guido Masé

Guido has been involved with medicinal plants since before moving to Vermont in 1996. He was one of the founding members of the Sage Mountain Free Herbal Clinic in 2001 and has been working with folks one-on-one ever since. He approaches his work from the biomedical perspective as well as from the mythological and energetic context offered by the Western herbal tradition. He works with plants in the garden and forest, and contributes writing and research to the field of herbal medicine through conferences, publications, and speaking engagements. He believes in the inherent worth of plants to heal people, communities, and even the culture at large.

Specific areas of focus include:

  • GI tract and microbiome health

  • Herbal support for cancer treatment

  • Work with mood, vitality, and spirit

  • Fertility and endocrine balance for all bodies

  • Allergies and hypersensitivities 

Guido is not accepting new clients at this time. 

Emma Merritt

Emma Merritt is a clinical herbalist and educator with over eight years of experience. She graduated from Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism’s Three Year Clinical Training Program in 2012. Emma believes that connection to the earth is where healing begins. She teaches classes on medicine making and basic principles of herbalism. As a clinical herbalist, Emma works with people with a variety of health goals. Many of her clients are interested in improving digestive health, relieving stress and anxiety, hormone balancing, allergy relief, and better sleep. She takes a gentle, client-centered approach to healing. 

Susan Staley

Susan Staley is a joyful witness to the ways in which plants support her communities and humanity at large. By recognizing this relationship, we find valuable insights into the possibility for transformation and greater health. As a community and clinical herbalist, Susan works to bring people and plants closer together. She enjoys seeing individuals with a variety of health goals; including improved digestive, immunity and lymphatic support, and support of vitality and equanimity. She values the environment of the herbal clinic for the safety it offers people to explore their life’s journey of health more deeply within the context of plant-based support. Susan continues to study and discover the depth of working with plants to support people (and our planet) at this dynamic time on earth.  Susan is a graduate of Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism’s Three Year Clinical Training Program.

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